Lotus Bakery is established on 1978 at the heart of old city San Fernando California.

Since the beginning of the operation our focus was in production of cakes with higher quality ingredients and exquisite flavors.

Our well known quality is the result of our years of attention in perfecting our recipe and use of highest quality ingredients available and always tries to avoid Preservatives, Chemicals, excessive sweetness and high content of fat.

Lotus Bakery Cakes are baked with the freshest ingredients and from scratch. Unlike other bakeries we do not use any ready Mixes.

Lotus Bakery has long employed and experienced team that puts a great importance in customer care.

Every new order is prepared with customization requested and specified individually by our customers.

Throughout these years Lotus bakery is succeeded to build a large number of loyal customers by following these simple basics:

We care about it. How it tastes, how it looks, what it’s made of.
We think about it. We talk about it. We eat it. We mean it!